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Online Graduate Profile Anna C Hunt 17/10/2017  
Name: Anna Collette Hunt
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quote: [The facilities were a really attractive part of the course.]

Course: BA Hons Decorative Arts
Year: 2009
Job title: Artist
Employer: Self Employed

Current role?
I'm now a Nottingham-based artist running my own successful business. Alongside studio collections, I have an installation called Stirring the Swarm, which was unveiled at Nottingham Castle in 2012, and continues to be both nationally and internationally exhibited.

Career developments?
After graduation, the first thing I did was to join the HIVE, the Business School attached to NTU. I went on one of their intensive courses to polish my business plan a little and learn a bit more about running a business. Alongside that, I was working towards my solo show at Nottingham Castle that I managed to secure with my Degree Show collection. I had to hit the ground running, there was no time for dawdling after graduation!

It was a bit of a surprise that I became a business owner. I just liked to make things, that's the only path I set out on really, so it was a bit of a surprise when I had to sell my work and become a business person. The course helped me down that path because we got the coaching and tuition to support me in getting there, and I think I'm doing really well in it now!

Your NTU experience?
The course content was really well thought out and it just worked for how I function; working on different projects, different briefs, trying so many different materials, techniques, processes; it never got stagnant.
On top of that, we had the most fantastic studio environment - that was probably the best part for me, just to be in that lovely space together. We were sort of like a family, and by the end of the three years, we just bonded. These are people I'm still in touch with now, eight years later.
We also had a Venice study trip in our second year; it was a nice way to get to know the other people on the course. Going to London for New Designers in our final year was a wonderful experience. Putting the Degree Show together was just full on and very fun, and you just bonded so much with your peers.

How supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
The facilities were a really attractive part of the course. You try so many different materials and processes and they have really good facilities in each of those areas, and also great technicians who really knew their stuff.

Advice for others?
My top three tips for other Decorative Arts students are:
Make the most of all the facilities at NTU because you're going to miss them so much when they're gone! Try everything! Even if you don't fancy it, give it a go because you never know what's going to happen or what process you'll discover.
Enjoy mistakes - sometimes things do go wrong, sometimes your work fails, but you always learn something from it. Sometimes those happy accidents are really strong points that can really help you along the way. Even if you feel like you've made a mistake or things haven't worked out successfully, don't write it off, just use it and learn from it.
Be very organised - as soon as you graduate, be ready to trade. You could open your shop the next day. In that little window from graduation to new graduate, it's very competitive. The more opportunities you can put into place so you're ready to hit the ground running, the better!

Plans for the future?
I hope that my business will continue to evolve, that's the most exciting part for me - making new work, and not knowing exactly where you're going to be heading. It's lovely to have surprises in the future because that's how I operate; I'm not always sure what's going to be happening in the next year. People get in touch with the most amazing projects that I can get involved with, so I love the surprises and the evolution of ideas and work.
Online Graduate Profile Thomas J Bingham 10/10/2017  
Name: Thomas Bingham
pic: [/view.image?id=5815]

quote: [Get involved in as many things as you can, from sports teams to volunteering as a Course Rep, to undertaking a placement year.]

Course: BA Hons Business Management (in-company)
Year: 2017
Job title: Civil Service Fast Stream - One HMG International Policy Lead
Employer: Civil Service

Current role?
After graduating from NTU, I joined the Civil Service Fast Stream. This is a fast-track development scheme creating the Civil Service leaders of the future and providing individuals with the opportunity to work on some of the most important issues the country faces. The scheme is four years long and involves four six-month postings and two 12-month postings which are based across all Government Departments and locations around the UK. I moved from my home in Derbyshire to London, to start my first posting in HMRC, where I am the One HMG International Policy Lead. This involves representing HMRC and its' interests on a cross-Government platform that aims to align the policies and procedures of different Departments closer together in order to support our operations. I am also involved with creating and clarifying policy areas that impact upon our officers and their families based overseas.

Your NTU experience?
From Day One of fresher's week to graduation, I found my tutors, NTU staff, and fellow students really welcoming and supportive. My tutors particularly were always very supportive if I ever wanted some extra support or something clarifying outside of sessions. Make sure you use them - I found that coffee helped as a bribe!

My course, BABM was very practical-based. From day one we were working on our CVs and tailoring to placement opportunities. Second year involved working full time on placement with Boots UK, while continuing full-time study. This was definitely a challenge (and a half), but a really great opportunity to link elements of theory and practice together. I can't recommend the value in undertaking a placement year enough - it provides you with brilliant practical experience and even a graduate job by the end! During my final year, as part of my course, I undertook consultancy work for the National Ice Centre, this provided a great insight into client relationships and problem solving management. Students can do similar things through the University's Thinkubator Challenge!

Advice for others?
My main piece of advice would be to get involved in as many things as you can, from sports teams to volunteering as a Course Rep, to undertaking a placement year. Your time at NTU is the best opportunity to try new things out, meet new people and make lasting friendships. Don't underestimate the value that these experiences have on you and your development, but also your employment prospects. Potential employers want individuals not carbon copy graduates, so get involved in lots of different things to broaden your experiences. This will give you lots to draw upon in applications and interviews and help to shape your personal brand.

Any tips for job seeking?
Do everything you can to make yourself more employable. So make sure you do your research on the organisation you are applying for - not just by reading up on their website like everyone else, but by using tools like LinkedIn to find NTU alumni that work at the organisation to get advice from them too. Make sure you make the most out of the Employability Team at NTU. They have a wide range of services available to students throughout their university journey and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
Online Graduate Profile Christopher J Moss 10/10/2017  
Name: Chris Moss
pic: [/view.image?id=5810]

quote: [Set goals and do everything you can to achieve them.]

Course: BA Hons Business Management and Marketing
Year: 2014
Job title: CEO
Employer: The Uni Paper Ltd

Current role?
As the CEO of The University Paper ( I have a number of responsibilities including building the long term strategy, maintaining investor relationships and driving the day to day performance of the business.

Typical day?
A day is usually filled with a number of meetings with the team and clients.

Career developments?
I started the business while studying - four months after graduating I confirmed investment and have since scaled the business from one city (Nottingham) to 16 across the UK with revenues exceeding £1,000,000.

There has been a number of huge challenges but I have come to the conclusion persistence and a positive attitude allows me to overcome them all.

Your NTU experience?
I started the business at the University so it massively shaped my career.

How friendly and supportive an environment did you find Nottingham Trent?
I had a great time, but NTU weren't overly supportive of the business because they saw me as competition.

Any exam revision tips?
1. Don't leave it until the last minute.
2. Take good notes throughout the year.
3. Do all the mock exams they give you.

Career highlights?
Growing The University Paper working with a team of like minded people.

Where have you taken your advice and inspiration from?
Business leaders and business/development books.

Advice for others?
Set goals and do everything you can to achieve them. Make sure you set goals you truly want to hit otherwise you won't.

Any tips for job interviews?
Put yourself in the employers shoes. I have interviewed over 200 graduates and hired over 30 in the last three years. The biggest mistake I see is that they think about themselves rather than the company/role. Show why you really want to work for that company.

Plans for the future?
Continue to grow The University Paper as a brand before taking what I am learning and starting a second company.

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